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An amazing increase in the growth of population in this world leads to the rapid increase in the number of vehicle being used. Especially in densely populated areas providing parking space is the real challenge for city planners, architects and developers.
VPAR AUTOMATIONS Pvt Ltd  presents a miniature model of an automated car parking system that regulates the number of cars that can be parked in a given space at any given time based on the parking space availability. We adopted most advanced technology that provides customised solutions at very economical price.
VPAR AUTOMATIONS Pvt Ltd facilitates the car parking services with ease. The entry and exit of vehicles are fully automated with less attendants intervention .The system is more cost-effective than conventional garages, and allows more cars to be parked in less space. Our automation technology is used to typically double to triple the capacity of conventional parking garages.


  • More cost-effective
  • Customised Parking slots
  • Best solution for compact spaces
  • Fully Automation technology
  • Optimum Utilization of Space
  • Required less Manpower